Short Stories

Walking Stories

She’s on the bench in the park, 2pm everyday. She sits there for 30 minutes, staring into space, hardly noticing anyone or anything happening around her. At 2:30pm, she rises with gusto and heads back to work


They come to the same park everyday to spend time together. Between 1:30pm and 2:30pm, they walk in hand in hand, holding their lunch packs in the other hand. They sit across her, trying not to stare.


She loves having lunch with him daily because between their schedule and commute, this is the only available time, but she wishes so much to be her.
To sit on the park bench alone, taking it all in; the sights, the wind, the sun… the peace..


He’s never loved anyone like he loves her and it aches him so much that all he gets is one hour of her time daily. More than that is he senses her need for solitude, but he knows he can’t bring himself to let her have it.


He brings his kid to the park daily, it’s always just the two of them, content in the company of each other.


He wants to be the best father to his son and the time they spend together at the park is one of the few ways he’s found. Since he lost his wife three months ago, he’s put in everything into loving this kid to fill in for the love momma would have given


His dad is everything, he knows he tries so hard for him but he misses momma. The light dad once had is gone. If only he could meet someone new…
He glances towards her; she was always alone and she looked pretty calm and approachable


He’s the guard at the park who’s always on the daytime shift. He watches her every time she comes in at 2pm, alone. He watches her walk to the exact bench they used to sit in and have lunch daily before he died. He looks at the couple across her; eating silently, and wonders if they appreciate what they have…


We are walking stories;
Of whats and hows and whys.


Things I’ve Learnt

Long ago, when I was 19 and still a radio junkie, I was listening to one of those night shows they had on Cool FM – don’t remember the title or the show now – and the presenter read out all of these with the title “I’ve learnt that…”. I was an agile kid, I took it all down. All of it didn’t add up then, they still all don’t add up now, but, I like them and I’m sharing them and you’re gonna read them šŸ˜›

You heard!

I’ve learnt that,

  • Just because you like someone doesn’t mean they’ll like you back
  • It takes years to build trust but only seconds to destroy it
  • You can get on charm for about 15 seconds, after that you had better know something
  • You shouldn’t compare yourself to the best others can do, but the best you can do
  • We don’t have to change friends if we understand that friends change
  • You shouldn’t be so eager to find out a secret, it could change your life forever
  • Two people can look at the exact same thing and see something different
  • There are many ways of falling and staying in love
  • Your life can be changed in a matter of hours by people who don’t know you
  • The paradigm we live is not all that’s offered to us
  • What you see isn’t always what you get
  • It’s not what happens to people that’s important, it’s what they do about it
  • No matter how thin you slice it, there are always two sides
  • You should always leave loved ones with loving words; it may be the last time you’ll see them
  • You can’t keep going long after you think you can’t
  • No matter how broken your heart is, the world doesn’t stop for your grief
  • The law of give and it shall be given unto you, doesn’t always apply
  • Good or bad sex is just a thing of the mind
  • Just because two people argue doesn’t mean they don’t love each other and because they don’t doesn’t mean they do
  • Sometimes, you have to put the individual ahead of their actions
  • Our backgrounds and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become
  • Sometimes when friends fight, you’re forced to choose sides even when you don’t want to
  • Heroes are people who do what needs to be done, regardless of the consequences
  • Learning to forgive takes practice
  • No matter how good someone is, they’re going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that
  • It isn’t always enough to be forgiven by others, sometimes you have to learn to forgive yourself
  • Absence most times doesn’t make the heart grow fonder
  • Bad things happen to good people
  • The patient dog might just die of hunger
  • Not everyone is cut out for marriage
  • Change is the only constant thing in life

That’s all folks!