On Books

#7 on my bucket list is to read and own all 18 novels + 1 autobiography written by Sidney Sheldon. I have now collected all 19 of them, but have three left to read. Intend to finish all three this month.

On Projects

Spending a lot of my quiet time figuring out what projects I really want to embark on and how passionate I am about them. I’ve had a lot of fleeting unpursued interests in the last few years, I’m guessing now is the time. I’ll update the Projects page when I’m decided.


I’m currently on an extended break from social media (excluding Pintrest!) because my time management needs a lot of pruning. I’d be refocusing that time – in no particular – on writing, reading and learning.

With Work

Not sure how transparent I can be on this front, because, you know, people be lurking. Lol.

Updated October 1st, 2019