Those little epiphanies

When I’m on the fast lane, living everyday like I’m entitled and complaining about the least significant things; I’m thankful for little rude awakenings that zap me back to reality and leave me feeling grateful for this level of grace I do not deserve.

Do you know Nick Vujicic? You should Google his images up. I met him today – on wikipedia – and he left me feeling grateful. It only felt right to share some of that with you.

I’m thankful for;

  • My mornings. They involve me getting off my bed tired as hell – after barely four hours of sleep – wondering what all of life is about. I get to see each new day. 
  • For all the fight and hate I had with my sister, growing up. We’re getting closer as the days go by. It’s the best thing in my life these days.
  • My parents who are constantly at each other’s throat, they’re alive and have that much vigor, That’s definitely a blessing of good health and vitality, yes?
  • Friends, who despite my inanities still find time to check on me and get angry when they have no idea what’s going on with my life. So much love 🙂
  • How I get totally pissed off at work and wish I could just give someone a piece of my mind. I’ve got a job!
  • My crazy broke days, when I starve at work till I’m home to have dinner. I feel what it is to have little and appreciate it more, when I have a lot
  • My inability to squeeze time out for the fun things of life. Makes me live the best of the littlest moment I get.
  • The plenty wrongs I’ve done. I’m a step closer to self discovery.

It’s a really long list, but I’ll stop now.

One of the most important things is knowing that in all the banter about how our lives are not-so-good, there are tons of people who hardly know what a fairly good life is. My dad’s favorite quote when I start to go on and on is  “I was crying I had no shoes, then I met someone who had no legs”

We really need to learn to breathe and be thankful through it all.


‘The happiest of people don’t necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way.’ – Karen S. Magee