If we were having coffee…

… we’d be sitting at the far end of the coffee shop, just by the windows, and we’d stare out appreciating nature and passersby for the moment.

Then suddenly, I’d turn and look at you and ask you the most mundane question I can muster up, because, that is the thing. The most important questions are the hardest to ask or talk about.

So, I venture; “what makes you happy?”

And you look at me, wondering where that came from. And you muster; “everything”.

You think it’s an easy get away from probing deeper but it’s exactly the response I wanted because it’s not about you at this moment, it’s about me. And my unspoken feelings, unspoken fears, untaken risks, unattained goals and the deep desire to talk about them!

So when you muster; “everything” all I see is this big opportunity to finally let it out and I grab it before it slips away. I start speaking almost breathlessly before my tirade leaves me.

These are the biggest issues with all of us, I say. Our inability to actually sit still and think deep and look inwards and find the real things. Everything cannot make you happy. It’s simply impossible!

To be happy is to be deliberate. To look and to find the things that bring the feeling. You have to be intentional. You have to find it. And it means everything to me when I find people who are actively looking for these things. Being intentional means everything to me. So, are you intentional?

You look at me afraid and uncertain about responding because you see the trap in this and you know just where I’m headed.

I give you that sultry smile, and ask again.

“Are you intentional?”

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