Hi, I’m Konko

I started this blog in 2013, after a successful run on blogspot under the same title for a year; detailing escapades from my year away in Bayelsa state for the National Youth Service Corps in 2012.

I’ve since then; deleted that blog, lost all the archives of what I still consider the funniest things I ever wrote, beat myself up for being silly enough to delete it and had a really poor attempt at detailing escapades from what became my reality after that fun year.

To give you a glimpse into the world of said reality; my day job is in digital marketing, my passion is still undecided and here are ten random things about me:

    1. I plan around everything. Really, everything.
    2. If I were an animal, I might be an Ostrich. Not in the sense of a spirit animal but because I’m constantly hiding from things that make me uncomfortable even when I know I can’t fully run away and still have to face them eventually. 
    3. I don’t know what my spirit animal is nor do I really get the concept of having one, but if I had to choose, I’d be a bird. A flying bird not an ostrich.
    4. Being alone is really up there on my list of most pleasurable things.
    5. I still can’t pick one thing I do or have done consistently that I can be known for outside my day job. I really think that’s sad. 
    6. That said, I like work. A lot. I think I’ve always known this and been pretty specific about what I want. Some of the downright happiest times of my life involve work (specifically me solving/working at something and being kick-ass at it). It is what it is.
    7. I have an ongoing 100-item bucket list – currently at No. 82 – with only about 5 items ticked off. This is probably sadder. Lol. 
    8. I have a dog named Kiki. She reminds me of myself in many subtle ways. (Update: Kiki died.)
    9. I have a knack for analyzing the heck out of everything, especially what would pass as simple. I don’t think things are really that simple. 
    10. I always thought I loved writing but everything in my adult life is seemingly proving otherwise. I’m currently trying to give it a go, again, for the umpteenth time. You can check out my musings under Blog, what I’m currently up to under Now and stuff I’m trying to do to pull myself out of my comfort zone under Projects.

That’s about it.

Got thoughts? Share them with me.