Those Wee Moments

I dropped Oba last night.

Oba’s my 1 year and seven month old nephew.

We had had a dandy evening – my aunt, the nanny, Oba and I – watching So you think you can dance and having all the people we rooted for get selected into the top twenty.

Now, somewhere in between the excitement and fun, I picked him up, tossed him in the air, did a little over the shoulder stunt and…


He was faced down on the floor.

I stood still. Damn! The earth – as far as I knew – stood still.

I had a panic attack like I never felt before.

I was gonna die.

Someplace in the middle of his wailing and my screaming, his mom – bless her soul – had picked him up, consoling and checking for broken bones, missing teeth or swollen spots.

I just couldn’t move even after I shut the hell up.

I stood rooted to the spot, a thousand activities going on around me. All I could hear was the pain he was feeling. All I could think was the misery I just put him through. It just echoed on and on in my mind even after he was silent. And in those wee moments a dozen of thoughts went through my mind. Only one stuck.

Would I toss all my children down in a careless stunt, am I gonna be a good mom?


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  1. ℓ☺ℓ​… z somthin……u r somthin Konko… one would ever think to write like this…..but I must say…..its quite enlightening…..and am sure w can all relate….:D..
    (pardon….dz z my 1st comment ever on a blog)…

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