Do you believe in love at first sight or should I drive by again?

I walked down the path  to work – just before dawn – lost in my own thoughts.

She would have passed by unnoticed but for the light in her eyes. They shone too bright, had me taking a second look.

And I stood still.

I was entranced as she rolled  by slowly with such fervor and calm at the same time. Her every element spoke strength. She was black as pitch. Her eyes were even brighter now that I concentrated.

The gold badge on her frontage shone with prestige. I didn’t have to squint so see it.

She had an aura of ruggedness, yet she was exquisite.

I was rooted to the spot. Determined to know her name.

She glided by till I saw her rear. Not too outward, not too inward. Just perfect.

And then I beheld her name. Boldly written.

Chervolet Avalanche.

It had to be love at first sight.