In Threes


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All-time Good Gifts
– Dresses
– Heels

Alter Ego is a:
Model  Runway Model  Runway Model in a Bikini 😐
– Celeb sha!

Can’t tell
Won’t tell
– Dunno :( (Technically speaking)

Bible Passages
Phillipians 3:12-13
– Proverbs 3:5
– Psalm 2: 7-9

Biggest Fears
Creepy Crawlies 
– Oblivion
– Failure

Books (Fiction)
Tell me your dreams – Sydney Sheldon
– Fine Things  – Danielle Steel
– Wings – Danielle Steel

Books (Memoirs)
– Eat. Pray. Love – Elizabeth Gilbert
– Splendid – Nigerian Author (Can’t remember her name. It was about her child, her sick child)
– What I talk about when I talk about running – Haruki Murakami

Books (Short Stories)
– What we talk about when we talk about love – Raymond Carver
– The Last Girlfriend on Earth and Other Love Stories – Simon Rich
– The Lover’s Dictionary – David Levithan (not really stories though. Just fab all the same!)

Can Cook
– Any
– Damn
– Thing with a recipe book in hand!

Celebrity Crushes
– Banky W *purrs*
– Justin Timberlake
– Ryan Gosling

– Black
– White
– Black & White (Sucker problems)

– Salad
– Pastry (Fish roll does not qualify)

Inspire Me
Heather Love Lindsay
– Ibukun Awosika
– T.Y. Bello

– Knuckle rings
– Plain necklace
– Wristwatch

– Chocolate filled with nuts (Snickers doesn’t qualify)
– Crackers
– Froyo

Movies (Happy Ending)
– Miracles from Heaven 
– Lion King (1 & 2)
– A Cinderella Story (Hilary Duff’s!)

Movies (Not-So-Happy-Ending)
– A Walk to Remember
– Brave Heart
– Paa

Movies (Sad Love Stories)
– If Only
– Fault in Our Stars
– P.S.: I love you

Secret Obsessions
– M******* u********
– Midnight snacking
– Weight (Not so secret aii?)

Pet Peeves
Waiting. Only just realized I really hate it. (Funny cuz I almost always run late. Double standards.)
– People with an inflated sense of their own importance.
– Leaders who shout and NEVER lead by example. (Quite a silly thing. Practice what you preach aii?) (Yes, this is a passive-aggressive ish)

– Planning
– Goofing around

– Scented Candles
– Teddy bears in human heights!
– Sticky notes with cute messages to me

Recent Activities
– Swimming
– Mommying (A lil pup <3 )
– Ticking my 50-itemed bucket list!

– Sneakers
– Brogues
– Comfy heels

Upcoming Activities
– Bicycling
– Ticking all Sydney Sheldon’s books as read
– Monochrome Eclectic

– Sydney Sheldon
– Danielle Steel
Tolu Talabi


Names of Noise Makers

*Period after break, before Mathematics class*

Class Captain: “You guys should stop making noise! I’m writing names” -__-

*Noise continues*

Class Captain: *tears paper out, looks around for people she loathes*


1. Yinka Dada (She was chewing gum noisily)

2. Stella Chibuzor (Dancing in front of class)

3. Tolulope Adebisi x 10times

4. Tosin Adeola (Snoring while she was sleeping)

5. Fatima Abubakar (She helped everyone go to tuck shop and caused a lot of noise)

6. Temitope Olasewe (Putting on lip gloss in class)

7. Nkem Makonam (She eyed me when I said everyone should stop making noise)

8. Adokiye Agunbiade (She was flying her shirt)

9. Moyin Oluwade (Her shoes were making noise)

10. Valerie Okpara (She was reading a novel instead of her school books)


Where is the noise love?