“Rapunzel, let down your hair. NOW!”

My hair is natural *shrugs*

Unlike many “naturalistas”, my hair hasn’t always had me gushing and taking pictures of the step by step process I take to make it look good. It’s my hair. It’s on my head. That’s about it.

I hardly even remember it is natural except when my stylist is huffing and puffing above me trying to weave the base to fix my weave on or when my weave gets all tangled halfway into the scheduled time I want to have it on and I cannot yank it off. (That happens all the time, so let’s just say I always remember my hair is natural. *covers face* But you get the point, yes?)

I think my nonchalance towards my hair is mostly ’cause I didn’t selectively go natural. It just happened. So all the fuss about watching how it grows is beyond me.

So, I chose this month to have a relationship with my hair. (I’m only two days into it and this is no fun. :( )

I’m having a bit of culture shock.┬áThere are all these terms. These rules. I’m like wha.?!

– How long is your hair: “Bra-strap length” “Collar bone length” “Tonsils length :|”

– Co-wash your hair.

– Always seal it before you go to bed with a silk or satin scarf

– No heat driers

– Constantly moisturize it with castor oil, coconut oil, the fat from the inner thighs of a cow !

– Jump in the rain for more length

– Scattered hair is cute

It’s endless! Like a mini-project.

I can’t deal ­čśÉ