To Breathe or Not to?

At the beginning of the year – two months after I got my first job after University – I said to myself; “Konko, you don’t have a life anymore! You really need to get your act together and do things that make you happy”

Some one month after that thought popped in my mind, I wrote down a list of all the things I was interest in. Things that seemingly brought light to my eyes. Then I set out to draw a plan to do them.

One month and two weeks later, I migrated from my old WordPress blog and bought my domain name. I wanted to start again, learn to breathe between all the hustle and bustle of being an adult, and be able to keep track of it. To have the opportunity to look back at when I started this site and read all the many posts that’ll make up the journey. The journey towards being able to juggle my life between my job and the different elements that make me me and having a fun life.

It is about seven months after that first thought. I’m still here, doing a poor job at juggling anything and seemingly getting comfortable with it.

Shall I really breathe?

There is someone I used to know;

She had even the most trivial of things planned out.


Things change.

Life happens.


These days, she lives in the moment.

Where uncertainty ridicules her every move.


I miss the old me.




Things that can make me happy when I’m in my all-time low:

A stranger reaching out
A romantic movie (kinda gives me false hope)
Arranging my closet
Little kids strolling by without a care in the world
Cake and Ice-cream
The way my dad feigns ignoring me just to get me back
Trying out new clothes
Running till I’m breathless
Singing in the shower
The way my sister gets angry that I’m sad and starts nagging on how it’s unfair
Having the house to myself
Performing a duet – alone – to no audience
A passing whiff of damn good perfume
Smiling at a begger
Cigarette smoke in an air-conditioned room
Taking pictures of silhouettes on a sunny afternoon
Holding a baby
Unexpected calls from buddies
Fantasizing about the not-so-distant future
Knowing all my many dreams would come true


Things that can’t make me happy:

Just Live

I had planned a more exciting first post, had planned a more exciting feel for my blog, had also planned a more memorable departure from my old blog to the new, And that’s the main problem, everything where I’m concerned always has to be planned. Skillfully articulated with a lot of “What if’s and Maybe nots” and trust me, it’s exhausting.

Today, I’m writing my very first post here and my site’s nothing near complete. I’m still stuck on a title. But I’m here now and that’s all that pretty much counts.

I haven’t written in  a long while but all of that is included in this journey.

I’m taking time out to learn to breathe…
To do the things I love with reckless abandon and JUST LIVE IN THE MOMENT

Welcome to my new title-less blog,

This journey would be worthwhile