Walking Stories

She’s on the bench in the park, 2pm everyday.
She sits on there for 30 minutes, staring into space
She hardly notices anyone or anything happening around
But 2:30pm on the dot, she rises with gusto and heads back to work


They come to the same park everyday to get time to spend together
Their lunchtime at work is between 1:30pm and 2:30pm
So they walk in hand in hand, holding their lunch packs in the other hand
And sit across her, trying not to stare


She loves having lunch with him daily
Because between their schedule and commute, this is the only free time
But she wishes so much to be her
To sit on the park bench alone, taking it all in, the sight, the wind, the sun… the peace


He’s never loved anyone like he loves her
It aches him so much that all he gets is one hour of her time daily
What aches more is sensing her need for solitude
Because he’s not sure he can let her have it


He brings his kid to the park at the same time daily
It’s always just the two of them
They do not mix with other families
They are content in the company of each other


He wants to be the best father there is
And the time they spend together at the park is one of the many ways he’s found
Since he lost his wife three months ago, he’s put in everything he could muster into loving his kid
Like momma would have loved


His dad is everything, he knows he tries so hard for him but he misses momma
Because the light dad once had is gone, he’s no longer brimming with enthusiasm
If only he could meet someone new…
He glances towards her; she was always alone and she looked pretty calm and approachable


He’s the guard at the park who’s always on the daytime shift
He watches her every time she comes in at 2pm, alone
He watches her walk to the exact bench they used to sit in and have lunch daily – before he died
He looks at the couple across her; eating silently, and wonders if they appreciated what they had

walking stories


We are walking stories;
Of whos and hows and whys.

My Humans

I like to describe myself as boring.

You know those sorta people yeah? All their activities start and end indoors, within a few random books or in-front of the PC. I think them boring too. I am one of them.

They say Life is like a canvas; it begins blank, but everyday is another brush stroke.

If my life was left to me in my room, with my random books and my PC, I swear my canvas would be full of black, white and grey. x_x

But then I have all’o y’all!

You listen to me and read my ever infrequent boring posts. You keep up with my crap (I know it’s a lot), make me laugh crazy out loud, get my absolutely boring jokes that only I understand. You hear me repeat the same old -supposedly interesting – stories about my dad, my sister and my momma, and still smile through it. You take the pain to explain your jokes – cuz I’m usually slow, holla even though I never stay in touch :( and basically not only accept my weird complexities but embrace them.

I know I’m the goofest goof there is and I don’t show it or say it enough, but I’m grateful.

Grateful you are in my life and you bring all these splashes of green and purple and yellow, and red and pink, turquoise, cyan – that new colour I just learnt – aubergine! You make my canvas full of energy and it’s the sweetest thing.

My Humans

This is certainly not the best way to say thank you, considering you might not see it early enough, but you will, ’cause I know you’re out here lurking from time to time 😉

Y’all are my reason to believe :)

Why the world is skewed

    • While we struggle with our daily lives – work, relationships, family, life! – we portray pieces of perfection only. Depicting each day like it was straight out of a cookie jar.
    • We spend a little too much time perusing unnecessary details about other people’s lives on the Internet. Thanks Mark.
    • We indulge, everyday, biting at tiny bits around the edges of disaster. Only after we’ve nibbled halfway into the pie and see tragedy looming, we set out – obviously too late – to make amends.
    • We spend too little time thinking and all the time talking.
    • Better yet, we say things we really haven’t thought through.
    • We live in the present and selectively forget the past, and the people in it, and the blessings they brought, and the joy they shared.
    • We are so carried away with proving unnecessary points, everything loses value.
    • We say things we do not mean. Make promises we would not keep. Take commitments we would not carry through.
    • The objects of our desires are usually the ones with huge stop signs ahead. We move towards it any way.
    • We kill cockroaches without realising they have a life, a dream and a family too.
    • Better yet, we just don’t care enough.

The world is skewed, because you and I make it that way.

In the past week…

These are a few random things I found/realised/loved in the past week;

This old classic:

All of life can’t be explained any better, yes?


These pictures I stumbled on, on Instagram and WhatsApp;


I thought this was too cute 

social media explained

APT! Periscope needs to be added there as “You’re now watching me eat donuts LIVE!”


Story of my life!


There’s a lot of beauty on earth <3

These quotes;

The challenge is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else – www.freeyourmindcic.com

The only thing that keeps a man is a man who wants to be kept – someone on Twitter (I thought this was hilarious and somewhat true)

One realisation;

Life is short and you owe yourself your happiness, all day, everyday. (Crazy platitude, but it kinda clicked a lot more in my mind in the past week :) )

Cheers to the weekend!

Silver Linings

Commute back home

My friend buzzed me on Skype with a link to a video comparing Siri, Cortana and Google now. Attached to the link was “Since you seem to like these things”.
My first real smile broke out.
Then he asked “How are you?
And this one time it felt okay to say “I’m not okay”

I’m not.
They say the first step is awareness and the next is acceptance, yes?



When I got to the bus stop, a random girl walked past me and said hello with a really cheerful smile.
I couldn’t ruin her day, so I gave it my best shot and said hello with a good smile too.
We ended up in the same Keke.

When she got to her bus stop, I took it further. I smiled and said “Ba-bye”
She gave me that irresistible smile again, walked back and paid my fare.

I didn’t get a chance to say thank you.
I got extra money to buy Chipsy!


I got my favorite seat on the bus – by the window.
Didn’t get a good sitting partner :(

I spent the entire journey trying to ensure his clammy skin wouldn’t rub against mine.

Still, I didn’t miss the sun setting in the sky!


Silver Linings - Sunset

<3 <3



I’ve been seeing some really huge mangoes everywhere, recently.
They’re literally as big as my head  and my head is very big.
I stopped over to make enquires.

A small girl walked up to me, said it was a hundred bucks and asked how many I wanted.
I said one, and asked what kinda mangoes they were
She said they’re called “Jekoyo”
Transalation: Eat and be filled.

I had the heartiest laughter in that moment


Silver Linings - Mango

She was right! I couldn’t finish it!!!


There’s this woman on the way to my house who sells the most unhealthy puffpuffs. Like they’re so oily and sweet at the same time, you’re literally crying about your fat destiny while you eat them. :(

With our fists held up with grit, my sister and I said “We shall indulge”
We hop on this bike and we (the bike guy and us) had the best convos ever! (see in following paragraph, this paragraph is dedicated to the puffs yo!

The puffpuffs were oily as ever, but they were good, so good. <3

P.S.: That woman is probably the only person who sells puffpuff at night. Freaky!



So, to the bike guy;

While my sister was buying the puffpuff (I’m too posh to be stretching my hand to buy that stuff flicks hair), the guy was peering intently at something.
I venture; “What are you looking at?”
He says; “That paper, I think say na 100 naira, I wan go take am”
I’m like gasp “But it’s not your own, your money isn’t lost!”
He says; “If you see money on the floor, you no go take am?”
I said; “No really. The only reason I’d pick money off the floor is if I am stranded and penniless. Somehow, I’d think it was God’s intervention” (No, I didn’t speak all this English to him
He said “Ah! Be there! Even if I get 10 million naira, if I see 1000 naira on the floor, I go still carry am! So far I no slap somebody collect am or break inside someone shop take am, I go carry am! Na Lagos we dey o!”

insert inspirational quote about these things, ‘cause I just can’t find the words right now


Still on the bike guy;

We bought him puffpuffs too (yeah, we is nice kids)
He was holding the nylon of puffpuffs and riding his bike yeah, and suddenly at some point, he flings his hand –the puffpuff nylon hand – in the air to shout at some other driver.
I had a mini panic attack. I’m like – in my head – oh no! If you do not want the puff puff, give it to me!
So he wouldn’t do it again, I said “What if someone snatches that nylon?”
He laughed and therein begun this speech; (pay attention)

He said he never locks his bike when he parks it for the night and that no one can ever steal it.
That even if he put dollars in a nylon on his bike and walked away, he’d meet it intact when he returned.
He’s like; “You no fit go to a mad woman say you wan check wetin she dey carry, so nobody fit touch my thing.

After a moment of silence, he said;
“That thing wey I dey talk, na like this you go get am.
Find female dog, when she born, one day after, carry one of the pikin, kill am. You go put the blood on anything/anywhere wey you no want make anybody steal”

He then proceeds to swear by the name of my Heavenly Father!
The chump!

(Thank you God for your merciful kindness!)


I got a call from a friend I had promised I’d call and didn’t. While I was going on and on apologizing, he says “hush, just wanted to check you’re fine” :)


There’s a lot of beauty in the world, it’s up to us to find them and make them our happy pills, our own silver linings,  no matter how hard it gets.