One of those days

These are random thoughts that crossed my mind on my way to work – in the damn bus – today:

– All bus drivers and conductors really need to be tutored on how “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”! I’m like Jeez! Why do they always do this? {“This” being not brushing their teeth, having a quick bath or at least doing “rub and shine”}

– Plus, they do NOT deserve to hear. They should all be doomed with deafness for consistently blaring loud noise in the name of music!

– If Tiwa Savage should sing one more song with a repeated word in the chorus, her voice box should be taken away 😐 Love me x 4!!!, Kele Kele Love, Kele Kele Love Oh , Eminado Eminado!!! What tha?!

– And by the way, who does Olamide think he is? Always screaming at someone and he’ll be forming singing a jam!

– Sitting in the front seat of the bus, with the wind blowing in your face has this whimsical feeling of “owner’s corner”, yes?

– Busing in Lagos makes you violent :( {Some calm girl- in between sleep – had her umbrella drop out of the moving bus, she had to rave and rant before they let her get it}

– Is it just me or people in cars look out at those in buses with pitiful expressions? {I think I do it when I’m in the car too *thinking* Oh whatever!}

– There’s no place like home {This came the moment the bus driver passed a different route that had me trekking for the next ten minutes before I was any bit close to my office location}

– I take back all the times I said “I can’t wait to grow up”… It’s such a jungle out here :(

– I know I didn’t choose this life, I just don’t know why the heck it chose me!

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