My Humans

I like to describe myself as boring.

You know those sorta people yeah? All their activities start and end indoors, within a few random books or in-front of the PC. I think them boring too. I am one of them.

They say Life is like a canvas; it begins blank, but everyday is another brush stroke.

If my life was left to me in my room, with my random books and my PC, I swear my canvas would be full of black, white and grey. x_x

But then I have all’o y’all!

You listen to me and read my ever infrequent boring posts. You keep up with my crap (I know it’s a lot), make me laugh crazy out loud, get my absolutely boring jokes that only I understand. You hear me repeat the same old -supposedly interesting – stories about my dad, my sister and my momma, and still smile through it. You take the pain to explain your jokes – cuz I’m usually slow, holla even though I never stay in touch :( and basically not only accept my weird complexities but embrace them.

I know I’m the goofest goof there is and I don’t show it or say it enough, but I’m grateful.

Grateful you are in my life and you bring all these splashes of green and purple and yellow, and red and pink, turquoise, cyan – that new colour I just learnt – aubergine! You make my canvas full of energy and it’s the sweetest thing.

My Humans

This is certainly not the best way to say thank you, considering you might not see it early enough, but you will, ’cause I know you’re out here lurking from time to time 😉

Y’all are my reason to believe :)

2 thoughts on “My Humans

  1. Awww! Yw boo when i even saw the mail drop i thought “I haven’t seen a konko post in a while!” Its tym to turn a new leaf and keep the posts coming ^_^ then again i might jus b the one missing put on them ?

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