Things that can make me happy when I’m in my all-time low:

A stranger reaching out
Sitting out and talking about life
A romantic movie (kinda gives me false hope)
A good book
Arranging my closet
Little kids strolling by without a care in the world
Cake/Puffpuff and Ice-cream/Froyo
The way my dad feigns ignoring me just to get me back
Trying out new clothes
Running till I’m breathless
Art in all its many forms
Singing in the shower
The way my sister gets angry when I’m sad
Having the house to myself
Performing a duet – alone – to no audience
A passing whiff of good perfume
Smiling at a begger
Playing on a swing in a park
Cigarette smoke in an air-conditioned room
Taking pictures of silhouettes on a sunny afternoon
Holding a baby
Fantasizing about the not-so-distant future
Knowing all my many dreams would come true

Things that can’t make me happy:

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