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He called looking for his father

I found his father

His father said he didn’t want to see him

I told him nothing


He came looking for me

To have family from his -unknown- father’s side

I hugged him and made him feel safe

It did nothing


He called asking for his father’s number

I scurried around to get it despite his father’s instruction

I got it and kept it

I did nothing


He followed up with me on his father’s number

I felt immense guilt and handed it over

He felt immense gratitude for this new information

But he did nothing – yet.


He called to check on me

We promised we’d keep in touch

He lost his phone

I did nothing



His -unknown- father died this morning

I called hoping somehow I’d break it to him

He said he finally did something

I said; “what?”

He said he sent a series of messages pouring out his heart and how he felt

I couldn’t bring myself to say why I called

So, once again, I did nothing.

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