And you feel too much

I decided to try writing on impulse today. No deep analyzing thoughts. Just type. I looked to Daily Prompt. It said:

Daily Prompt: Can’t Drive 55 

Take the third line of the last song you heard, make it your post title, and write for a maximum of 15 minutes. GO!


That song’s been on repeat all day. Here it goes!

Many times, I feel like I have scars. Scars from different experiences. But don’t we all, I mean, every bad experience we have leaves us with its own unique scar.

There’s like five scars on my left arm. The most prominent one lies midway between my wrist and my elbow. I got it when I was 8. Our dogs had to be given some injection like that. Either ’cause they were sick or ’cause they wanted to ensure they didn’t give anyone rabies. I’m not sure. I never tried to find out. All I was certain of was the injection made them cranky and they had no appetite for food.

I got back from school eating speedy biscuit. When I got into the compound, all four of them barked – most likely their little way of acknowledging my arrival. Billy came close. I reached out, he snarled at me. I walked away. I was close to the door when he came back. I felt he had a rethink, so I put my hand out to scratch his head and in a split second, there was a snarl, a scream and blood oozing out of my arm.

He turned and walked away. Was he remorseful? I never found out. Had to get to the hospital before I joined them in the barking kingdom. Did I feel betrayed? Hell yes!

I still feel the pain. As with all the other scars I’ve gotten over the years.

Some scars fade away with time. Others are internal, they never quite heal. We just try to smooth it over to make the hurt go away.

But pain is pain. It never really goes away. Or maybe we just feel too much.

Time’s up!


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