If you do not decipher what the title means at once, you aren’t Nigerian or you’re too posh for your own good.

I’ll explain.

You know those pupils that were in your class – in every level of your education – that sat in front and had queer behaviors such as:

*They’d run out to help the teacher/lecturer with what he/she is carrying as he/she approaches the classroom (Some people in this category were just genuinely respectful though)

*They help with wiping the board or setting up the presentation even if the teacher/lecturer had planned to do it by him/herself (Same comment above)

*Just before the teacher/lecturer completes the question to be asked, their hands are already up with great enthusiasm you can feel their vibe from your seat at the far end of the class (Damn right an ITK!)

Yes, those people. They’re are called ITKs

A clearer picture?

Have you watched Three Idiots? (One of my favorite movies, BTW)

Do you remember Chatur ‘Silencer’ Ramalingam? He was the antagonist in the plot, against my totally cute Rancho’ Shamaldas Chanchad (The “all izz well” dude)?

Remember? Remember? Argh! If you don’t, I can’t help you anymore. 😐

For what it’s worth, ITK means ” I Too Know”

I coined a perfect definition.

ITK can be defined as;

A constant need by an individual to prove oneself as all-knowing and tremendously smart in a bid to make counterparts look at him/her with awe and utter respect for such unfathomable intellect. However, these individuals are more often than not, battling with inner demons of feeling not good enough (Emphasis on “more often than not”), hence the reason why every opportunity to show what they know is grasped with a vengeance. 😐

P.S.: I’m not headed towards a story or certain conclusion. I may have come across an ITK today and felt the need to share my articulate definition. May have.


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