Of Salvation

I’d said I’d write today, for no genuine reason, just because I haven’t in a while. I hadn’t even considered what I’d write about till now.

I’m on the last bus home and the oh-so-familiar line everyone who buses in Lagos knows, pops in just before the bus even starts moving.

“Praise the Lord”

I am a Christian (oh! I fall every now and then, but the Lord loves me so hard!) and I cannot overemphasize how there is all the difference when you trust and believe in Jesus. I want to tell the world about this relationship and get people to come experience the goodness, but somehow, these preachings never ever resonate with me.

Here is why;

We need to move from telling people to come to Jesus because of the existence of hell. Motivation to accept Jesus should never be of the fear of hell. Like jeez! It makes me cringe everytime. Hell is real, yes, but it’s not a good enough reason.

People need to be told of love and sacrifice and how a “man” came only to die for them, even before their being and how he loves them so unconditionally!

If that’s not good enough reason, I don’t know what is.


“I can’t fight for this” I say. “I can’t fight.”

Those eight words speak pride to you, they speak of a mind too fierce to go low.

Those eight words speak my life, who I am, how I started.

They speak of days with tear-stained pillow cases, and muffled screams.

They speak of hour long showers, with my tears and the shower, flowing in unity.

I can’t fight.

Not because I do not have the strength to, but because I just won’t

Not because you’re not worth the fight, but because I’m worth the saving

If I fight, and you’re gone, what would be next?

Another fight to save myself from the pain?

Or a total surrender to life as I know it?

“I can’t fight” I’d say.”I can’t fight”

All I’m really┬ásaying is “Please don’t let me have to fight”