In Threes


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All-time Good Gifts
– Dresses
– Heels

Alter Ego is a:
Model  Runway Model  Runway Model in a Bikini 😐
– Celeb sha!

Can’t tell
Won’t tell
– Dunno :( (Technically speaking)

Bible Passages
Phillipians 3:12-13
– Proverbs 3:5
– Psalm 2: 7-9

Biggest Fears
Creepy Crawlies 
– Oblivion
– Failure

Books (Fiction)
Tell me your dreams – Sydney Sheldon
– Fine Things  – Danielle Steel
– Wings – Danielle Steel

Books (Memoirs)
– Eat. Pray. Love – Elizabeth Gilbert
– Splendid – Nigerian Author (Can’t remember her name. It was about her child, her sick child)
– What I talk about when I talk about running – Haruki Murakami

Books (Short Stories)
– What we talk about when we talk about love – Raymond Carver
– The Last Girlfriend on Earth and Other Love Stories – Simon Rich
– The Lover’s Dictionary – David Levithan (not really stories though. Just fab all the same!)

Can Cook
– Any
– Damn
– Thing with a recipe book in hand!

Celebrity Crushes
– Banky W *purrs*
– Justin Timberlake
– Ryan Gosling

– Black
– White
– Black & White (Sucker problems)

– Salad
– Pastry (Fish roll does not qualify)

Inspire Me
Heather Love Lindsay
– Ibukun Awosika
– T.Y. Bello

– Knuckle rings
– Plain necklace
– Wristwatch

– Chocolate filled with nuts (Snickers doesn’t qualify)
– Crackers
– Froyo

Movies (Happy Ending)
– Miracles from Heaven 
– Lion King (1 & 2)
– A Cinderella Story (Hilary Duff’s!)

Movies (Not-So-Happy-Ending)
– A Walk to Remember
– Brave Heart
– Paa

Movies (Sad Love Stories)
– If Only
– Fault in Our Stars
– P.S.: I love you

Secret Obsessions
– M******* u********
– Midnight snacking
– Weight (Not so secret aii?)

Pet Peeves
Waiting. Only just realized I really hate it. (Funny cuz I almost always run late. Double standards.)
– People with an inflated sense of their own importance.
– Leaders who shout and NEVER lead by example. (Quite a silly thing. Practice what you preach aii?) (Yes, this is a passive-aggressive ish)

– Planning
– Goofing around

– Scented Candles
– Teddy bears in human heights!
– Sticky notes with cute messages to me

Recent Activities
– Swimming
– Mommying (A lil pup <3 )
– Ticking my 50-itemed bucket list!

– Sneakers
– Brogues
– Comfy heels

Upcoming Activities
– Bicycling
– Ticking all Sydney Sheldon’s books as read
– Monochrome Eclectic

– Sydney Sheldon
– Danielle Steel
Tolu Talabi


Silver Linings

Commute back home

My friend buzzed me on Skype with a link to a video comparing Siri, Cortana and Google now. Attached to the link was “Since you seem to like these things”.
My first real smile broke out.
Then he asked “How are you?
And this one time it felt okay to say “I’m not okay”

I’m not.
They say the first step is awareness and the next is acceptance, yes?



When I got to the bus stop, a random girl walked past me and said hello with a really cheerful smile.
I couldn’t ruin her day, so I gave it my best shot and said hello with a good smile too.
We ended up in the same Keke.

When she got to her bus stop, I took it further. I smiled and said “Ba-bye”
She gave me that irresistible smile again, walked back and paid my fare.

I didn’t get a chance to say thank you.
I got extra money to buy Chipsy!


I got my favorite seat on the bus – by the window.
Didn’t get a good sitting partner :(

I spent the entire journey trying to ensure his clammy skin wouldn’t rub against mine.

Still, I didn’t miss the sun setting in the sky!


Silver Linings - Sunset

<3 <3



I’ve been seeing some really huge mangoes everywhere, recently.
They’re literally as big as my head  and my head is very big.
I stopped over to make enquires.

A small girl walked up to me, said it was a hundred bucks and asked how many I wanted.
I said one, and asked what kinda mangoes they were
She said they’re called “Jekoyo”
Transalation: Eat and be filled.

I had the heartiest laughter in that moment


Silver Linings - Mango

She was right! I couldn’t finish it!!!


There’s this woman on the way to my house who sells the most unhealthy puffpuffs. Like they’re so oily and sweet at the same time, you’re literally crying about your fat destiny while you eat them. :(

With our fists held up with grit, my sister and I said “We shall indulge”
We hop on this bike and we (the bike guy and us) had the best convos ever! (see in following paragraph, this paragraph is dedicated to the puffs yo!

The puffpuffs were oily as ever, but they were good, so good. <3

P.S.: That woman is probably the only person who sells puffpuff at night. Freaky!



So, to the bike guy;

While my sister was buying the puffpuff (I’m too posh to be stretching my hand to buy that stuff flicks hair), the guy was peering intently at something.
I venture; “What are you looking at?”
He says; “That paper, I think say na 100 naira, I wan go take am”
I’m like gasp “But it’s not your own, your money isn’t lost!”
He says; “If you see money on the floor, you no go take am?”
I said; “No really. The only reason I’d pick money off the floor is if I am stranded and penniless. Somehow, I’d think it was God’s intervention” (No, I didn’t speak all this English to him
He said “Ah! Be there! Even if I get 10 million naira, if I see 1000 naira on the floor, I go still carry am! So far I no slap somebody collect am or break inside someone shop take am, I go carry am! Na Lagos we dey o!”

insert inspirational quote about these things, ‘cause I just can’t find the words right now


Still on the bike guy;

We bought him puffpuffs too (yeah, we is nice kids)
He was holding the nylon of puffpuffs and riding his bike yeah, and suddenly at some point, he flings his hand –the puffpuff nylon hand – in the air to shout at some other driver.
I had a mini panic attack. I’m like – in my head – oh no! If you do not want the puff puff, give it to me!
So he wouldn’t do it again, I said “What if someone snatches that nylon?”
He laughed and therein begun this speech; (pay attention)

He said he never locks his bike when he parks it for the night and that no one can ever steal it.
That even if he put dollars in a nylon on his bike and walked away, he’d meet it intact when he returned.
He’s like; “You no fit go to a mad woman say you wan check wetin she dey carry, so nobody fit touch my thing.

After a moment of silence, he said;
“That thing wey I dey talk, na like this you go get am.
Find female dog, when she born, one day after, carry one of the pikin, kill am. You go put the blood on anything/anywhere wey you no want make anybody steal”

He then proceeds to swear by the name of my Heavenly Father!
The chump!

(Thank you God for your merciful kindness!)


I got a call from a friend I had promised I’d call and didn’t. While I was going on and on apologizing, he says “hush, just wanted to check you’re fine” :)


There’s a lot of beauty in the world, it’s up to us to find them and make them our happy pills, our own silver linings,  no matter how hard it gets.








He called looking for his father

I found his father

His father said he didn’t want to see him

I told him nothing


He came looking for me

To have family from his -unknown- father’s side

I hugged him and made him feel safe

It did nothing


He called asking for his father’s number

I scurried around to get it despite his father’s instruction

I got it and kept it

I did nothing


He followed up with me on his father’s number

I felt immense guilt and handed it over

He felt immense gratitude for this new information

But he did nothing – yet.


He called to check on me

We promised we’d keep in touch

He lost his phone

I did nothing



His -unknown- father died this morning

I called hoping somehow I’d break it to him

He said he finally did something

I said; “what?”

He said he sent a series of messages pouring out his heart and how he felt

I couldn’t bring myself to say why I called

So, once again, I did nothing.

Of Shining Stars and Perfectionist Tendencies

You know the best conversations? The ones that spring from the most trivial gists to happenings from old days.

The other best friend – Dami – called today because my sister made a “cameo” on Linda Ikeji’s blog,  That’s not even the gist.

Our classmate is getting married on the 31st of this month and with all the excitement that comes with preparing for a friend’s wedding, we’re yapping about plans for the day. So I ask  – with no intentions –  “What style are you sewing with your asoebi?”

And Dami says: “Sorry, I can’t tell you. You might steal my style, you know how you like being the shining star”



Covenant University, 2007

First Year


We were five friends; Tope, Moyin, Dami, Ajifa, and I. We sat together and did all class related things together.

On one of those Tuesdays, when we had a day of back to back lectures, we all – the entire class – turned up for ENG 101 late. It was one of our least favourite courses.

Dr. Ogbolugo walks in and says “Tear out a sheet of paper, we’re having your mid semester tests today”

Everyone, every single one, was in a state of panic saying stuff from “Jesus” to “Did you read?”/ scanning around to see if they were seated in a position where you can dub the brainy’s paper.

He says, “I’m going to dictate the questions, you’ll write your answers and submit immediately after I recite the last question”

We all shivered!

You see, all that was in my head was how I didn’t want to fail. I’m just there moping and begging God to help me write the paper cuz I didn’t want to fail anymore.

Dr. Ogbolugo recited the questions and we all scribbled as fast as possible. When the test was done, we filed out of class humble and quiet wondering what the tests would bring.

Someone finally broke the silence and said ‘You guys, how was it?”

To which we all replied with certainty “Worse test ever! I hope I get at least 4 of the 10”

Even I said that.

The tests results came back and as we got our scripts one after another and saw the bad scores we expected.

Till mine came :(

I got 7.

You see, when things like this happen, there’s no way to explain that perhaps it was the praying of your heart or God just chose you.


And not for that moment alone, for the rest of your time on earth!

They went on to call me a sly and many other names including shining star but also, it became the benchmark for trust. See examples below:

Me: Guys! I didn’t write anything in that exam.

Them: Yeah! We know, we’ll just wait till we see the A

Them: What are you doing?

Me: Ironing.

*They come around*

Them: But this dress is smooth na, is it until it looks brand new?

Them: Have you done your Oyero’s 4-paged assignment?

Me: Yes

Them: How many pages? Ten abi?

And even to aso ebi, Dami is still doing it!

I can’t even cry!


Parable of the Talents – Retold

This isn’t clear-cut “retold” like Maleficient or Cinderella, it’s how I picture the scenario every time I walk by…

I use the overhead bridge in CMS at least 3 times a week, on my way to work. I’ll walk you through the journey.

I’m walking from Marina road to the other side of the road where CMS bus stop is.

From the moment a passerby hits the path that leads to the stairs up the bridge, you’re faced with 5 to 6 or even more small children. They’d swarm around you like little ants to sugar, arms stretched upwards begging for alms.

If you’re able to walk pass without budging, there’s more ahead.

On the filthy bridge, filled with unexplainable liquid sipping downwards by the side and wrappers of all sorts of junk eaten by pedastrians, there are no less than seven adult beggars. Their disabilities are mostly “unspottable”, blind and one; obviously crippled. The kind of crippled that has limbs smaller than arms and has his butt permanently on the ground as his fixed position. He’s the servant with ten talents.

He sits on the bridge with a broom in hand and a yellow plastic bowl somewhere close. He sweeps the bridge to make it comfortable for us to pass and for him to sit. He moves with his hand on the floor to move his body and he sweeps the dirt off the bridge to the end of the stairs. He feeds himself off the proceeds that come from his yellow plastic bowl.

The first time I saw him, my heart thud with something I can’t explain. I walked past and kept turning back to look at him. No, he’s not sitting there to beg to survive, he’s working for it. I see people file up the bridge with something in their hands already, waiting to drop it in the yellow bowl. There are at least 6 others on that bridge, none of them look as sorry and helpless as he does. And none of them do anything extra to make a difference.

Call me sentimental, but seeing him makes all the difference for me. I said good morning to him today and he responded with the brightest smile and added “have a good day”.

He spoke clean english :)

Read the Parable of the Talents here… I’m suddenly not sure there’s a connection x_x