“I can’t fight for this” I say. “I can’t fight.”

Those eight words speak pride to you, they speak of a mind too fierce to go low.

Those eight words speak my life, who I am, how I started.

They speak of days with tear-stained pillow cases, and muffled screams.

They speak of hour long showers, with my tears and the shower, flowing in unity.

I can’t fight.

Not because I do not have the strength to, but because I just won’t

Not because you’re not worth the fight, but because I’m worth the saving

If I fight, and you’re gone, what would be next?

Another fight to save myself from the pain?

Or a total surrender to life as I know it?

“I can’t fight” I’d say.”I can’t fight”

All I’m really saying is “Please don’t let me have to fight”

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