It rained all-day on my birthday, last year. I kinda secretly hope it rains tomorrow.  I’ve always loved the rain (at least when I’m not all dressed up and under it). When I was much younger, I’d run behind my house in a swimsuit or just underwear, holding the closest instrument that could serve as a microphone; I’d sing and dance in the rain to my heart’s content and then I’d run in shivering. Those were “the days”. They made everything seem perfect even when things were literally falling apart. Things certainly change. Fast.

Turning 21 was the dream. At least for me. It had this air of “I’m NOW an adult. I now can make my decisions. And listen to NO. ONE!” Some other things never change. Things like parents being the people they’ve always been and being all up in your business, yes?

The last one year was swift? Pretty much, was full of all sort’o stuff too. Here are a few take-outs:

–          Life is basically unfair, there’s not much you can do about it except go with the flow.

–          Family is everything.  And all their quirks and anomalies eventually are the things that set them apart and make you smile on those odd days when you allow your thoughts trail.

–          At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks about you. You can never please everyone. And even when you try, it’s never really worth it. Just stay true to you and to what is important, there’s really not much to life.

–          Friends come and go. It’s up to you to keep them or not, distance or not.

–          We make our choices, and even when we regret them, we still made them *shrugs*

–          Trust is much deeper than we think.

–          Home is where the heart is. It is not a single place, it’s wherever love (and family) resides.

–          Families aren’t always biological, after our God given ones, we pick our family; don’t make a mess of it.

–          Simplicity and calmness. Two wonderful things every individual should exercise.

–          You can’t ever know anything till you take the first step

–          You don’t have to be alone to be lonely.

–          Rule #1 of life. Do what makes YOU happy.

Maybe the greatest lesson I’ve had in the last one year is learning to let go, breathe and just love. Let go of things that I don’t need anymore. Let go of things that do not work anymore. Let go of the negative emotions and of expectations. When you learn how to let go of the right things, you’ll learn to travel lighter, with less baggage. Then, you’ll have more space for new things, and possibly for the best things yet to come.

I know now where I want to be, and what I want to be. I’m going after that now.