In Threes


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All-time Good Gifts
– Dresses
– Heels

Alter Ego is a:
Model  Runway Model  Runway Model in a Bikini 😐
– Celeb sha!

Can’t tell
Won’t tell
– Dunno :( (Technically speaking)

Bible Passages
Phillipians 3:12-13
– Proverbs 3:5
– Psalm 2: 7-9

Biggest Fears
Creepy Crawlies 
– Oblivion
– Failure

Books (Fiction)
Tell me your dreams – Sydney Sheldon
– Fine Things  – Danielle Steel
– Wings – Danielle Steel

Books (Memoirs)
– Eat. Pray. Love – Elizabeth Gilbert
– Splendid – Nigerian Author (Can’t remember her name. It was about her child, her sick child)
– What I talk about when I talk about running – Haruki Murakami

Books (Short Stories)
– What we talk about when we talk about love – Raymond Carver
– The Last Girlfriend on Earth and Other Love Stories – Simon Rich
– The Lover’s Dictionary – David Levithan (not really stories though. Just fab all the same!)

Can Cook
– Any
– Damn
– Thing with a recipe book in hand!

Celebrity Crushes
– Banky W *purrs*
– Justin Timberlake
– Ryan Gosling

– Black
– White
– Black & White (Sucker problems)

– Salad
– Pastry (Fish roll does not qualify)

Inspire Me
Heather Love Lindsay
– Ibukun Awosika
– T.Y. Bello

– Knuckle rings
– Plain necklace
– Wristwatch

– Chocolate filled with nuts (Snickers doesn’t qualify)
– Crackers
– Froyo

Movies (Happy Ending)
– Miracles from Heaven 
– Lion King (1 & 2)
– A Cinderella Story (Hilary Duff’s!)

Movies (Not-So-Happy-Ending)
– A Walk to Remember
– Brave Heart
– Paa

Movies (Sad Love Stories)
– If Only
– Fault in Our Stars
– P.S.: I love you

Secret Obsessions
– M******* u********
– Midnight snacking
– Weight (Not so secret aii?)

Pet Peeves
Waiting. Only just realized I really hate it. (Funny cuz I almost always run late. Double standards.)
– People with an inflated sense of their own importance.
– Leaders who shout and NEVER lead by example. (Quite a silly thing. Practice what you preach aii?) (Yes, this is a passive-aggressive ish)

– Planning
– Goofing around

– Scented Candles
– Teddy bears in human heights!
– Sticky notes with cute messages to me

Recent Activities
– Swimming
– Mommying (A lil pup <3 )
– Ticking my 50-itemed bucket list!

– Sneakers
– Brogues
– Comfy heels

Upcoming Activities
– Bicycling
– Ticking all Sydney Sheldon’s books as read
– Monochrome Eclectic

– Sydney Sheldon
– Danielle Steel
Tolu Talabi


Walking Stories

She’s on the bench in the park, 2pm everyday.
She sits on there for 30 minutes, staring into space
She hardly notices anyone or anything happening around
But 2:30pm on the dot, she rises with gusto and heads back to work


They come to the same park everyday to get time to spend together
Their lunchtime at work is between 1:30pm and 2:30pm
So they walk in hand in hand, holding their lunch packs in the other hand
And sit across her, trying not to stare


She loves having lunch with him daily
Because between their schedule and commute, this is the only free time
But she wishes so much to be her
To sit on the park bench alone, taking it all in, the sight, the wind, the sun… the peace


He’s never loved anyone like he loves her
It aches him so much that all he gets is one hour of her time daily
What aches more is sensing her need for solitude
Because he’s not sure he can let her have it


He brings his kid to the park at the same time daily
It’s always just the two of them
They do not mix with other families
They are content in the company of each other


He wants to be the best father there is
And the time they spend together at the park is one of the many ways he’s found
Since he lost his wife three months ago, he’s put in everything he could muster into loving his kid
Like momma would have loved


His dad is everything, he knows he tries so hard for him but he misses momma
Because the light dad once had is gone, he’s no longer brimming with enthusiasm
If only he could meet someone new…
He glances towards her; she was always alone and she looked pretty calm and approachable


He’s the guard at the park who’s always on the daytime shift
He watches her every time she comes in at 2pm, alone
He watches her walk to the exact bench they used to sit in and have lunch daily – before he died
He looks at the couple across her; eating silently, and wonders if they appreciated what they had

walking stories


We are walking stories;
Of whos and hows and whys.