Parable of the Talents – Retold

This isn’t clear-cut “retold” like Maleficient or Cinderella, it’s how I picture the scenario every time I walk by…

I use the overhead bridge in CMS at least 3 times a week, on my way to work. I’ll walk you through the journey.

I’m walking from Marina road to the other side of the road where CMS bus stop is.

From the moment a passerby hits the path that leads to the stairs up the bridge, you’re faced with 5 to 6 or even more small children. They’d swarm around you like little ants to sugar, arms stretched upwards begging for alms.

If you’re able to walk pass without budging, there’s more ahead.

On the filthy bridge, filled with unexplainable liquid sipping downwards by the side and wrappers of all sorts of junk eaten by pedastrians, there are no less than seven adult beggars. Their disabilities are mostly “unspottable”, blind and one; obviously crippled. The kind of crippled that has limbs smaller than arms and has his butt permanently on the ground as his fixed position. He’s the servant with ten talents.

He sits on the bridge with a broom in hand and a yellow plastic bowl somewhere close. He sweeps the bridge to make it comfortable for us to pass and for him to sit. He moves with his hand on the floor to move his body and he sweeps the dirt off the bridge to the end of the stairs. He feeds himself off the proceeds that come from his yellow plastic bowl.

The first time I saw him, my heart thud with something I can’t explain. I walked past and kept turning back to look at him. No, he’s not sitting there to beg to survive, he’s working for it. I see people file up the bridge with something in their hands already, waiting to drop it in the yellow bowl. There are at least 6 others on that bridge, none of them look as sorry and helpless as he does. And none of them do anything extra to make a difference.

Call me sentimental, but seeing him makes all the difference for me. I said good morning to him today and he responded with the brightest smile and added “have a good day”.

He spoke clean english :)

Read the Parable of the Talents here… I’m suddenly not sure there’s a connection x_x

22 Things

These are 22 things about me I have stumbled on in the last one year – in no particular order;

  1. I’m not half as sad as I imagine – you should be around me more often 😀
  2. I’m stubborn with my opinions, might take a bit to convince me – It’s a family thing x_x
  3. Probably ten times smarter than I usually tell myself #NoPrideIntended
  4. Best wardrobe items would be cute flats/sneakers, tight fitting pants, sweaters or t-shirts.
  5. I’m obsessed with my weight. Capable of being anorexic.
  6. I always knew Jeremiah 29:11, it’s had more meaning in my life this year.
  7. I’m such a faffer :( – I always get my work done in good time though. 😀
  8. I like food! I think I’m constantly forming “No, no, I don’t eat much!” Drop tha basin and go away buddie! You’ll meet it empty. x_x
  9. I’ve had really good people in my life. I’m grateful :)
  10. I’m not easy to please. I’m actually constantly saying “I’m so easy to please” and it’s true. It confuses me as well.
  11. I try too hard and too often to fix people’s lives, even when they don’t know or ask or probably don’t need it! And me the fixer, my life needs some crazy fixing o! :(
  12. I’m loving, very. :)
  13. My head isn’t so big after all
  14. If I spend more than a few days with my bestie; Tope, I’ll become alcoholic
  15. I might actually want to have and live a fairy-tale life – There’s hope
  16. Sia gets me
  17. I’m perceptive, very.
  18. Heart breaking/extremely emotional movies aren’t for me. I’d run out of them movies, wailing
  19. I love people who can unwind and be as silly as I am. S/O to Bisi, Tope, Nkechi and Yinka : )
  20. I’m a fast learner! Whoop!
  21. I probably get parboiled every time I take a shower :(
  22. I’m getting old *wailing* – my mum’s already marriage-nagging me

One final yogaselfie for the year 😉